The Choir 

Our music program is led by cantor and organist Pedro d’Aquino, FAGO, ChM.


If you enjoy singing, our Choir rehearses every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and sings for the 11:00 a.m. Eucharist.  Good sight-reading skills are recommended. 

The Organ

The Walcker Organ (the company is located in Kleinbittersdorf, Germany) was dedicated in the year 1990.  Planning for the instrument began already in 1986 and faced a number of challenges.  The organ’s location was difficult but critical.  Although space was limited, the instrument was positioned where it would support the music and singing of clergy, musicians, and the congregation.

The Walcker organ is a two manual and pedal organ with mechanical key and stop action.  To fit the pipework, the instrument case was expanded into the old organ chamber.  In a particularly challenging part of the construction process, the organ had to be fitted around two horizontal steel beams which could not be removed.

The organ consists of 18 independent stops and four transmissions distributed through the two manuals and pedals.  The Hauptwerk is designed around an 8’ Principal plenum.  An 8’ Trumpet is intended primarily as a chorus reed.  The Schwellwerk functions as an accompanying manual for anthems.  The addition of Viola and Schwebung provide flexibility and the Oboe can be used as a solo stop or as part of the ensemble.  The Pedal consists of two independent stops, a 16’ Subbass and a 16’ Faggott.  The casework is of solid oak and the entire instrument is encased.  The console is of solid walnut. The result is an instrument ideal for worship.


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