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Worship & Music


Saint Luke’s is a church with a long tradition of commitment to New York City.  We invite you to an encounter with the Living God. Our Sunday worship follows an order with uplifting music, Bible reading, an inspiring message and a sharing in Holy Communion. Worship is a special time to consider our lives, to be open to God’s voice, to be reminded of God’s promises, to pray, to be grateful, and to receive the gift of God’s unrelenting love with bread and wine.

We welcome all who are seeking God’s love, regardless of race or culture, life situation, orientation or gender identity, or your doubts about faith and church. Our unity is in Christ. Your family, children, friends, spouses and partners are welcome. Your uniqueness enriches our community. 


Quality music and singing elevates our shared worship experience, helping us to reflect and to feel close to the Holy. Music has the power to express emotions and inspire a sense of awe and humility. Our music aligns with the themes of each Sunday service to reinforce the message being conveyed. Singing also brings a sense of community, as our voices surround one another, lifting us up. When we try to bring the best musicianship to our worship, we offer glory to God through our creative gifts.