The current sanctuary was designed by the architectural firm of Tilton & Githens. According to Sacred Haven – A Guide to Manhattan’s Spiritual Places by Terri Cook, this may have been the first church designed by the firm.  Tilton and Githens were known primarily for library and museum design, including the American Institute of Architects gold medal winning Wilmington Public Library, Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore, and the Currier Art Gallery in Manchester NH (listed on the National Register of Historic Places).  Prior to teaming with Alfred Githens, Edward L Tilton was partnered with William A Boring and, together, they were responsible for the design of the US Immigration Station on Ellis Island, including the Main Immigration Building that won the Gold Medal prize at the Paris Exposition in 1900.  From 1904 to 1916, Tilton pursued a solo career designing libraries exclusively.  By 1905, he had designed 5 libraries for Carnegie-funded libraries across the country.

For the sake of durability, the entire structure was to be built of stone, brick, and cement, making a fire-proof building.  The parish house was designed to include complete community house facilities including 2 bowling alleys, a billiard room, a gymnasium, dressing rooms and showers.  The original plan also included a swimming pool in the rear of the basement, but that was never executed.  The fourth floor of the parish house was reserved for a 7 room parsonage apartment.  The cornerstone was laid on October 10, 1922 and the sanctuary was first used on September 16, 1923.

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The Lutheran Church of Times Square