Bible Study and Theme Study Groups

Bible Study at Saint Luke’s is a stimulating and practical way to pursue spiritual goals that can be directly applied to everyday life.  View our monthly calendar for current study topics

In January and February 2020 we’ll be reading the book of Isaiah every Wednesday through Ash Wednesday.

In the past, we have studied from the Listening for God series of books. They are excellent compilations of short stories from contemporary writers who, in one way or another, are challenged and confronted by the presence of God. The characters and scenes are often presented in highly unusual and unorthodox situations.

Special Study Group with Soup and Bread

In September 2018 , our 7:00 pm study group will read from the new Lutheran draft statement on Women and Justice, led by our own Professor Chris von Dehsen.  Have you wanted to reflect on sexism from a Christian vantage point? We’ll also be sharing a supper of soup and bread together, which Pastor Strasser will coordinate.  Hungry? You’re invited.

We have also discussed love and ethics as interpreted through the Bible in the Love and Faithfulness study group.  Another popular season was centered on the beloved C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.

Led by either Pastor Arden Strasser, Associate Pastor Martha Jacobi, or a guest lecturer, these study and discussion groups are enlightening, highly interactive, and personally expressive moments of witness in a non-judgmental arena.  See the Calendar for dates and times.

Previous Bible Study Topics and Dates

March – June 2018 — The Book Of Exodus

9/20/17 – 10/25/17 — Luther’s Small Catechism in its Historical Context, led by Pr. Schmiege

3/8/17 – 4/5/17 — The Life and Times of Martin Luther, led by            Pr. Chris von Dehsen, Prof. of Religion, Carthage College (ret.)

1/18/17 – 2/22/17 — The Gospel of Matthew, led by Pr. Schmiege

10/12/16 – 11/16/16 — Luther’s 95 Theses, led by Pr. Schmiege

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