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It is an honor that you are reverently considering Saint Luke’s for your wedding. In choosing a Christian marriage, you are asking for God’s blessing, and you are seeking God’s guidance in the way you build your life together.
Saint Luke’s also welcomes interfaith couples and same-sex couples. We also will bless civil marriages. It is important to have premarital counseling with the Pastor for any couple seeking to celebrate at Saint Luke’s.

Please contact Pastor Arden Strasser at and Adam Cornelius at for specific rates and details.



What is Premarital Counseling? What is required in order to marry at Saint Luke’s?

It is important to reverently and faithfully consider your union together. To do so, it is necessary to meet with the Pastor so that you can understand the ceremony as well as how you are being called to dedicate your life to each other and to the Lord.

Does Saint Luke’s provide musicians? Flowers? Photographers/Videographers? Wedding Planners/Coordinators?

Yes. Saint Luke’s can provide the following services:

  • Organist – Pedro d’Aquino. FAGO, ChM, Cantor, accomplished composer and organist, and Saint Luke’s cantor.
  • Flower Arrangements – Saint Luke’s can recommend florists who have partnered with our wedding coordinator, or can also arrange for accommodations by our congregation member who creates altar arrangements for Sunday Worship.
  • Officiate – Pastor Arden Strasser, who will also counsel you leading up to marriage. You may also provide your own minister to serve as your officiant.
  • Wedding Planner – Megan Cornelius of Little Iron Bell Weddings is the onsite coordinator, and can also help with full planning requests.
What is the physical space like inside Saint Luke’s?

Saint Luke’s is a true sanctuary to New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world, who come to worship and feel connected to God and to each other. Our members tout that the church “feels like home”.

The beautiful, quiet church is in stark contrast to the high-rise hotels, the bustle of Times Square. Up the steps, you enter the stone building and are immediately welcomed by the view of the altar and the outstretched hands of Jesus Christ.

Saint Luke’s seats 180 people. The back wall of the altar is stenciled in gold leaf, and above the sanctuary are the words, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.
Upstairs, on the second and third floors, the wedding party can prepare for the ceremony in the Pastor’s office and the Lounge.

We are not of the same faith, as one of us is Christian and one is not. Can we marry at Saint Luke’s?

Yes. Saint Luke’s recognizes interfaith relationships.

What is Saint Luke’s stance on same-sex marriages?

A faithful decision was made in 2013 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to develop resources in response to ministry to same-sex couples/families.

We were already married at the courthouse. Can we still have a Christian blessing in the church?


We are married and would like to celebrate our anniversary. Can we renew our vows at Saint Luke’s?


Does Saint Luke’s wed couples who one or both have been divorced or widowed?

Yes. This is normally reviewed in our marriage counseling.

Must we be baptized in order to marry in Saint Luke’s Lutheran church?

No. However, the pastor is pleased to discuss the place of faith and church in your life.